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    Reports in RoboHelp Server

    Erika123 Level 1
      Hi all,

      Basically I would like to generate reports on which topics in the help files I create (web Help) are useful, out of date, searched for and not found etc and for this I think I need RoboHelp Server. However I have to convince someone in the business to give me approx £2000 to buy it and all I can find on the adobe site is that it has enhanced reports no list of what reports, no grapics of what they look like or really anything useful. The sales pitch seems to be for translation which as I produce help for the shop staff in betting shops in the UK and Ireland is not really any help they all speak/read english and I will not have to translate any help for the forseeable future. So does anyone have the server and could they send me details of what reports it creates out of the box, how difficult it is to set up custom ones and if I could have a couple of pictures of what the reports look like that would be great.

      Thanks for the help
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Erika. We use RH6 Server (not the latest version) but the reports are:

          Frequently asked questions

          Unanswered questions

          Frequently viewed content

          Usage stats

          Trends in end user search results

          Help system errors

          The reports are not customisable and AFAIK you can't create your own. At least you may be able to get someone to code an app to interrogate the server DB to produce a customised report. If you contact me offline (via my profile) I can email you a PowerPoint file that I used to "sell" the benefits here. It includes some screen shots of the reports.