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    Tabbing through a DataGrid

      I am fairly new to Flex development so I will do my best to explain...

      I have a DataGrid, which contains many editable columns that span wider than the width of a monitor (and its parent canvas...which in turn automatically displays a horizontal scroll bar as a result).

      When I tab through the columns, everything works fine, until I tab past the 'visible' portion of the DataGrid. If I continue tabbing, I can no longer see which column I am in...and I have to click on the scrollbar and drag it over (at which point the focus is lost from whichever column my cursor was last in)...so I have to resume by clicking back into a now visible column to start tabbing again.

      In Oracle Forms (where most of my previous experience has been) there is a concept of a scrollable canvas, and this doesn't happen...as you tab, the canvas which contains the columns adjusts automatically, so you never lose sight of which column you are in. I expected this behavior to also exist in Flex but have had no success in getting it to work this way.

      Can anyone give me an idea as to how this might be achieved?