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    Passing Parameters to Flash

      I need to Pass Parameter to Flash Movie.
      I read this:
      Step 1
      Open the fla and replace the text box with a dynamic text, set the variable name to "mytext" in the property panel (note: you should set the variable name not the instance name). Then export your movie.
      Step 2
      Edit the page that contain the flash movie. Select the flash movie and append "?mytext=something" to the swf file name in Dreamweaver's property panel. (if you want to edit the html code manually, you need to look for the swf file name in both the <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tag.)
      Step 3
      Test your HTML page! You should see the movie is now showing whatever you put as "something". Test more by changing the "mytext=" parameter in the HTML page.
      in my flash file I got 10 variables named: line1 .. line10
      now I tried to edit the movie.html and set those things that written in step2 to this:
      <param name="movie" value="movie.swf?mytext=HELP" />
      embed src="movie.swf?mytext=HELP" quality="h....

      and than I saved the file, and run the movie.html file.
      but it didnt work, it didnt change the variable line1 HELP

      How to fix it?
      what's the problem here?
      Thanks, Gil