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    installation problem


      I am trying to install dreamweaver cs4 to my asus eeepc. it has two hard drives. one is 4gb and the other is 20gb. the windows installation is on D: and is 4gb , the other drive c: is 20gb. when i get to "options , choose the options you want to install" dreamweaver picks the default installation as D:/program files/ and advises that available space is 250mb and Total size (meaning size of all the options that are selected). There is a red exclamation mark which says that "the size of your selected options exceeds the available space"

      if i change the installation folder to c:/program files/dreamweaver , the available space figures update to 4.9gb but the exclamation mark remains. If i click the install button , I get an "insufficient space" dialog box and can do nothing except go back. I have tried to go right back to the beginning of the installation process a number of times to no avail. It seems that it picks the windows drive as the default and if i change it , somehow it is confused about the disk space available , even though it recognizes that the c: drive has 4.9gb .. d: is the windows drive and c: is the drive with enough space ( it is where i install all applications)

      Can anyone help with this.