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    The Flex love-fest is over... It's RANT time...

    Opsware_Jeff Level 1

      I've got a custom mxml component based on a VBox. When the user clicks on a particular button inside of it, I want to set the paddingTop to "50". Because the compiler doesn't allow me to put and ID on the VBox that defines the custom component, I have to refer to it as "this" instead, so I try to write click="this.paddingTop=50;" on my button... BUT nnnnNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo................. the compiler doesn't like THAT ... I get a "1119: Access of possibly undefined property paddingTop through a reference with static type FlexCompFolder:myCustComp".

      So if the obvious way to do this is unacceptable to the compiler, then what mystical incantation must be formulated to get this utterly simple thing to happen??? Or is the compiler simply so stupid that it can't figure out that my custom mxml component is based on a VBox for which the property paddingTop is in fact perfectly valid???


      I'm out.