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    Parameters and library items

      I’m working in Dreamweaver CS4 and have a site which uses a template and library items. The library items are composed in such a way as to allow for parameters; an item’s class can be changed via the template properties. A class named “selected” is being used to change the background color of the <li> item to indicate navigation.

      Library item example:
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
      <ul><!--navbarSub Programs -->
      <!-- <li class="@@(navbarSubProgramsME)@@"><a href="../programs/me/meIndex.html">Master of Education</a></li>-->
      <li class="@@(navbarSubProgramsSED)@@"><a href="../programs/sed/sedIndex.html">Master of Special Education</a></li>
      </ul> <!--END navbarSub Programs -->

      The problem occurs when I make any change to a library item. The items are updated within the appropriate page within the site, however the class parameter acts strangely. While the class parameter on a page may still be assigned “selected”, the highlight does not appear. It’s as if the class were not assigned at all.

      This is where it gets a little strange. Opening the template properties on a page, clicking OK, and re-saving the page restores the parameter. I have NOT actually modified any of the parameters; the “selected” class was still assigned. However, something is changing once the template properties are opened and OK is clicked, because the * icon is appearing, indicating that the file needs to be saved. Once the file is saved, the <li> is properly reflecting the “selected” class assignment.

      This is a maddening little problem, because it has required that each page be touched when any sort of change was made to the library item; pretty much defeating the purpose of using library items to begin with!
      Any light on this matter will be greatly appreciated!