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    Text objects behave badly in

      I don't believe what I'm seeing ;-) so want to ask if others see this.

      Adding a vector text object to the canvas should draw a box whose position reflects where the text actually sits. In my experience -- possibly after the updates that just arrived today to make -- the outline of the object and the text don't always move precisely together: the outline box can appear disconnected from the text.

      Let's say I place several text objects using 14pt bold verdana. I place an object then type some text. I repeat that three or four times. Now I move some of those boxes vertically with the mouse. Once I've done this for a while I might get an object whose blue (or red) outline is drawn (in "full" view) *above* the text. And when the width of a text box is just barely enough to contain its text on one line, the text might be *on* the bottom border rather than centered top to bottom *within* the border. Or the text might be just so slightly too far right of the left border (as though there were a space before the text). All of these displacements can be "fixed" by widening the object.

      The behavior is very annoying. FW this way is almost useless. I'm using Windows the CS4. I don't believe I saw this behavior until the recent updates. I am not a long-time FW user but am accustomed to this type of software.