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    setInterval Issue

    Varun Upadhyay Level 1
      Hi, I am loading Time from Remoting in AS2. But at a time same 2 swf is not showing same time. Initially Time gap is about -1 to +2 seconds. But if i close second swf and open after 5 mins then diffrence increse to 2 mins....

      But backend timer is ok as per tested in HTML. So what is the solution to match these timing. It is very crucial for me so please help me.

      I had one idea also but that didn't work on this.
      Actually i am managing time gap to load from remoting by getTimer() method like following:
      var id = getTimer();

      function onLoadfromRemoting(res:Result){
      var timegap = getTimer()-id;

      This will give me time gap to load from remoting. but i can't find the solution... why time between 2 swf has been increased? I am running timer from setInterval metod.

      Please let me know the solution asap... thanks in advance