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    Initial Dreamweaver screen problems

      Suddeenly, my welcome screen appears as if:

      1. The welcome screen or any .html file I open appear the full width of my monitor screen, with the normal top toolbars.

      2 The right sidebar, displaying the various files and templates, has become a "template" that OVERLAYS the file screen listed above.

      3. The normal properties toolbar at the bottom has disappeared, and if I click window/properties, it comes back as a "template" that overlays the file displayed as in #1 above and part of the sidebar "template".

      I cannot find my way back to the initial welcoming screen where it appeared each of these items was inside its own frame.

      I am a student and don't have a deep knowledge of the Dreamweaver product yet, but your help would be vastly appreciated. The bottom toolbar has also ceased to display a "link" slot (with the folder and compass icons".