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    IllegalRequest error with loadclip


      I'm trying to load a jpeg image with loadclip, navigator is firefox 3.
      The url need user authentication ( http://user:pwd@url), but flash randomly blocks the url on the password basis with an "IllegalRequest error".

      Example :
      http://0:1@example.com gives IllegalRequest (not ok)
      whereas http://0:0@example.com gives URLNotFound (ok)

      Same :
      http://0:7@example.com gives "IllegalRequest error" (not ok)
      http://0:77@example.com gives "IllegalRequest error" (not ok)
      http://0:777@example.com gives "URLNotFound" (ok)

      It isn't logical that flash sometimes allows the request to be sent and other time forbids it with an "IllegalRequest error". The syntax is the same although.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.