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    Bug? Japanese IME problem with Flash 10 playerglobal.swc

      A Flex application compiled with the latest Flex Builder has caused a problem for Japanese IME (on both Windows XP and OS X 10.4), but I haven't been able to find any mention of it elsewhere on the Internet.

      A problem occurs when the user tries to type in Japanese into a visible instance of mx.controls.TextInput. When the user types in an ideographic space (U+3000) character using MS IME for Japanese, the at sign (U+0040) is inserted instead. The same problem is not seen when ideographic space is copy-and-pasted into said text field.

      This problem occurs on Windows XP IE 6 and OS X 10.4 Safari 3, but not on Firefox 3 (both platforms) or Win XP Safari 3. The binary has this problem when the compiler preferences specifies Flash 10 as the target version. The version of playerglobal.swc used for Flash 10 target compile appears to have this problem and not the one for Flash 9.

      Has this been reproduced elsewhere and is there a workaround?