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    Checkbox DataGrid Item Render Issue

    sandwicense Level 1
      I have a DataGrid component that has a column with a checkbox item render. The code at the end of this post is identical to the code at the bottom of the tutorial on this page: Tutorial

      The creation complete method calls a PHP function using the AMFPHP framework. The PHP function returns an array of MySQL rows. When I created the application initially, I was using the HTTP Service component that would return the data as an XML list and then Flex would bring it in as an Array Collection. The only thing I changed was how the records were getting returned to Flex, which is using AMFPHP. Now the item render does not function properly. If the first record returned had a value of "true" then all the subsequent rows would have their check boxes checked. If it were "false" then the subsequent rows would have their check boxes unchecked. Why is it doing this? It worked the way it was suppose to before.

      Also I have a label component nested in the itemRenderer to see if it matches the data in the MySQL database; which it does match. Here is a screenshot of what exactly I am seeing: Screenshot