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    VideoDisplay multiple Videos???



      I want to play multiples video in the Video Display control in AIR Flex, when a I load the first video in runtime works fine, but when I change the video source for a new one (in runtime) it always load the previous video not the new one.

      When I want to change the source I do this:


      And the I change the source of the video and do it:


      How I can destroy or dismiss the old video for load the new one???

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          yoav@cyteam.com Level 1
          I have used the VideoDisplay component on several occasions, mostly for testing as for my application I created a custom player with the features I needed.
          However, to change source was simple enough:
          just an assigment myVidDisplay.source = videoUrl2; did it.
          The FB3 is a StandAlone on windows-xp and the project is a Web App ( not AIR)
          Also be aware that there is an issue with the source URL path. E.g. for a direct file path it has to be in same directory as the app. or use the more complete URL e.g. :videoUrl2:String ="http:/some_host/assets/videos/Jazz Recital Jan 08.flv" ; (for testing some_host = localhost and of course you have to have a local web-server ..)

          Hope this helps ..

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            Peter deHaan Level 4

            Do you see the same behavior in a Flex 3 (non-AIR) app?
            What happens if you try the following code in a new Flex app?