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    AdvancedDataGrid summaries

      I am very new to flex, am trying to get a group summary build for a advanced data grid. What I want to have the summary total below the actual column I am grouping and not as a different column. Is this possible. In the below example I am creating a sum of bookings but it gets displayed in the total column and I have the summary row display the total below the bookings column.
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          anirudhs Level 2

          The label property of mx:SummaryField determines in which field or property name of the object the summary is stored in. So all you need to do is match the column's dataField with the SummaryField's label.

          For eg: Change your SummaryField's label to BOOKINGS_AMT_USD for the sum of BOOKINGS_AMT_USD to come in the same column.

          Hope this helps. :)
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            flexbos Level 1
            anirudhs, thanks a lot. I have one more question here I was able to get the total at the right place how do I put a Total label for that row.