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    Production advice needed

      I want to make a 3-4 min. company presentation to use on our website.
      Due to limited resources (I only have photos to work with and will maybe buy some canned footage with some effects and backgrounds) the production will consists of:
      Graphics (core messages, headlines, illustrations).
      Voice over by a professional speaker.
      Photos with animation, (slightly moving or zooming).
      Maby a few buttons that goes to a subject on the sequence or links on the website.
      All in all a relative simple solution.

      I have basic skills in Flash, have worked with video-editing via Camtasia Studio. I have now downloaded a trial of Adobe Premiere and Elements. If the solution is video, Ill go for Premiere, as I see Elements as a half solution and are willing to spend the time to get to know Premiere and prepare for more challenging solutions. I have no experience with After Effects, but I believe that I cannot do without it?
      My question is: Should I use Flash or work with video software like Premiere to do the job.