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    pc capture device

      I'm migrating from Vegas to CS3 and need some suggestions for an I/O device. I currently use a Canopus DVC 500 but it has monitoring limitiations. I'd like a solution that will allow me to monitor anything that have connected without having to fire up the application, and allow me to view a project as it prints to tape in real time.

      I appreciate the suggestions. Thanks
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          Just out of curiosity; why are you migrating to Premiere? And why are you using Vegas with a Canopus board when you could be using Edius?
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            I'm migrating because of workflow. It seems to me that an integrated production package will make life easier. Also, one of my clients, edits on premire, so, we may be able to swap EDL's or projects.

            I'm using the Canopus device because it was recommended by a colleague. I still shoot some BetaSP, and like the component input that the DVC 500 gives me.

            I still love Vegas and will continue to use it for some projects.