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    Main Concept  and AVCHD- Bless Them

    mickkeay Level 1
      Now I know that MC are not held in the highest esteem on this forum but I have recently downloaded a beta demo version of MPEG Pro plug in (3.1beta5) that gives allegedly better AVCHD performance on the timeline (I must say it is not much better - but it is slightly easier to edit) However, when I open another project - HDV but before the plugin was installed (so not using one of the MainConcept presets) I still get the MainConcept demo watermark on the timeline and therefore any rendered output - Grrr. Any ideas why this is? I have asked mainconcept but a response will take a while I think.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          > I have asked mainconcept but a response will take a while I think.

          If you are lucky it might even this year or 1-st Q 2008.
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            Mick, If the newest version of MPEGPro behaves similarly to version 2, you may need to uninstall MPegPro or remove/rename the mainconcept plugin. Mainconcept hi-jacks PP2 presets when installed and I suspect it's doing the same in CS3. Recognize that CS3 plug-ins may now be parked in "...\Common Files\Adobe\..." a different folder than what was used with earlier versions of Premiere.
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              Jeron Coolman Level 1
              I had the same issues when I tried MpegPro with PPro 2.0 and their support told me to just rename the MpegPro folder in the CS3 plug-ins folder.

              I suggested that they re-think this "hi-jack" Premiere Pro's MPEG processing paradigm and only activate their plug in when someone is working on an MpegPro preset. (Like all other plug-in vendors)

              It was the primary reason I didn't buy the product. It conflicted with all of my other plug-ins and third party hardware like my Aja card.

              Thanks for saving me the time of re-evaluating the new version :)
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                mickkeay Level 1
                Thanks guys - wow - an unacceptable hijack as far as I can see! I have actually been corresponding with a quite reasonable guy at MC so I will see what he says and keep you all posted.. You are right though (Ron) - I uninstall and previous projects mysteriously right themselves. Outrageous! and unnecessary as far as I can see - the actual plugin performs pretty well with MPEG footage and I am sure sorts out all the red frame etc etc probs people find with attempted native editing and renaming of vobs etc - so why the hijack on non MC projects.
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                  mickkeay Level 1
                  Response from mainConcept..

                  If you have installed MPEG Pro, its import modules will take over the import of many source types. This is a feature of Premiere Pro. Premiere asks all available import modules to open a file. The one with the highest priority takes over first. So in your case, although it is a non-MPE Pro project the import will be done by its plug-ins and that's why you see the demo logo. This behaviour is normal and unfortunately, not avoidable. But it is recommended to only use MPEG Pro project presets when working with MPEG Pro. If you want to finish an existing Adobe project, it might be better to uninstall MPEG Pro.

                  Hmm I'll be installing and uninstalling on a regular basis if that is the case!