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    Why does APP have such a problem with Divx/Mpeg4?!


      I've all the FAQs and most articles on the web relating to Premiere's inability to compile Divx / MPEG4 files within its own app. At least everytime I try it the end result is a very jerky and square result.

      Im now resigned to what seems like a total waste of time, compiling a full AVI and then over to VirtualDub etc to convert to Divx format of choice.

      What I'd like to know is firstly, is anyone successfully producing Divx (6.8 ) files within Prem CS3??

      Secondly, why do Adobe "allow" you to do this if it doesnt work?

      Im using a HD camera with a monster PC using Vista - Im very technically aware - but average knowledge with Video editing.

      I want to produce and archive all my own personal footage to Hard Disk using the best reasonable format.

      Thanks guys,