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    Dynamic link won't show the video in Ppro

    Andy Bay Level 2

      I recently purchased CS3 Master Collection and was very eager to try the much advertised Dynamic Link.

      I edited some clips in Premiere and then copy pasted them in to AE. After that I saved the AE file and went back to Premiere. Then I chose to import the AE compsition using Dynamic Link and dragged the composition to the premiere timeline. Now when I try to preview the composition, all I get is color bars (the ones you get when footage is missing in AE). I rendered the timeline in premiere and it took a long time, but still I only see the color bars moving, not the actual footage. When I went back to AE it told me that the files are missing (even though I hadn't moved them anywhere in Windows) so I showed AE where to locate the files. After that, AE found them and everything is ok in AE. But in premiere I can still see only the color bars. I deleted the DL comp in premiere and imported again a freshly saved version of the AE project file, but still the problem persists.

      Am I doing something wrong? Why is premiere only showing me color bars even though the footage appears normally in AE? I tried restarting the computer without any success. Please help me with this issue as I would very much like to take advantage of the very promising dynamic link feature! Any help would be highly appreciated!

      Thank you!
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          Andy Bay Level 2
          A small update:

          I tested the dynamic link again by creating a simple composition with a solid background and some text in AE and then imported this to premiere using the dynamic link. This time everything worked just fine. So the issue is somehow related to the video files... Could it be a problem that both AE and premiere are linking to the same source files (should not be because copy paste does that too)?

          ......UPDATE AGAIN.... I just tested closing AE when previewing in premiere and now it works!! Is this a standard procedure? Should I always close AE after making a dynamic link to premiere?!