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    .m4a Audio files clipped at last second or two.

      Whenever I import .m4a files into Premiere Pro CS3, which otherwise play fine anywhere else, the last second or so is cut off. If I convert the song to .WAV BEFORE importing, all is well. The PrProCS3 user guide does not explicitly indicate .m4a file type as supported. Is this the reason? Any thoughts or knowledge?

      I'm using Windows Vista 32-bit.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Yes. You found the answer yourself.
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            Thanks Harm, But last night after I posted my initial message I found on Adobe livedocs that PrProCS3 does in fact support M4A files.

            Supported audio file formats

            Audio Interchange File Format, AIFF (AIF)

            Audio Video Interleaved Audio (AVI)

            Audio Waveform (WAV)



            That's a copy - paste from the Adobe livedocs page

            A simple 'workaround' if you can call it that, has been found - convert to WAV, but I'm still curious. Any thoughts?
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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              The IDEA of Premiere editing any type of compressed file (be it video or audio) has been discussed, literaly, hundreds of times here

              The bottom line is that the actual FACT of editing this type of file, in spite of what Adobe says in their marketing materials, is that some people have success... and other people do NOT

              Some of this is attributed to whatever else (ie-codecs) is installed on the computer... and in what order (each time a codec is installed it puts an entry into the Registry to say that IT is "most important" and should be "seen first" in the list of codecs) and that can cause problems for Premiere, even with files that "should" work

              So... as you have found... convert to WAV