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    Widescreen HD resolution help please

      Hi I have a project I want to render out from Maya but I'm confused what format/settings to render out!

      I have both Premier and after effects and the final output is intended for HI Definition widescreen TV on CD/DVD as I want the best possible quality and then another smaller version in both memory and size preferably quicktime format.

      Ok so Ive searched the net and I have 2 different sizes resolutions for widescreen 1366 x 768, 1080p and 720 x 480 ..... what should I use?

      I'm I correct in saying if I do output in this format can it be played on a regular TV? ... I under stand the quality will bot be as good but my big question is will the images be squashed of stretched?

      Squashed of stretched will be the case then what would be the best thing to do ... out put 1 for each ie. one for HDtv widescreen and one for reg tv widescreen?

      I have around 10-20% knowledge of both premier and after effect.

      I really just need some advice on what codec to use and what resolution

      Any help will be much appreciated