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    New 16:9 movie and how to export it


      I have to create a new movie for widescreens 16:9 format, and even If I tryed several times I don't have any success. So please advice me what I'm doing wrong

      When I'm creating a new project I'm setting a new preset with these settings:

      Editing Mode : DV NTSC
      Timebase : 29.97 frames/seccond
      Video : Frame size 720x480 ( I'm not able to chenge these settings
      Pixel aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16:9(1.2)
      Display Format : 30fps Drop-Frame Timecode

      Now for the export I need a movie that can be played on a DivX Player that can support mpeg format or even an avi format.

      First I tryed directly from Export -> Movie but the file is too larger and is not suported by the DVD players
      Seccond I tryed to export it using Adobe Encode but the only suported format are FLV Quick Time, RealMedia and Windows Media. As far as I know the DVD player is not suporting these formats.

      What are your suggestions ?