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    Audio effects delay

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      Hello there

      I have an audio issue which has been bugging me for a few days already. It seems that when I watch my editing with playback, the sound effects take a few seconds to apply. For instance, when reading a clip, I will hear low sound for 2-3 seconds and then the effects will apply and my sound volume will be set properly. I thought it was some sort of effect rendering issue, since when I replay the clip the effects are applied properly from the start.

      The major issue here is, when I export my clips, the delay for application of effects remains in my wav/avi files even though I had previously played the playback so that the effects render. I tried the Render and Replace function for audio clips, and the delay was also there in the rendered audio file.

      I've tried it on two machines, one 4Go RAM, SigmaTel audio and one 2Go RAM Realtek audio.

      I don't know what to try anymore!