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    Exporting to .mov with DV-dvcpro compression

    DVDmike Level 1
      I rarely doing anything in QT format and have an issue. My footage is shot in DV. I exported my clip as a .mov 720x480-.9 quality 100 using Apple DV/DVCPRo-NTSC codec.

      When I play my clip in QT movie player, it looks horribly washed out. But if I import my .mov clip into PP-CS3 it looks good, with one exception. The exception is that the the .mov clip has a black band of 1 to 2 pixels all of the way around (all 4 sides) the video. When I look at the clip's properties inside of PP-CS3 it is 720x480/.9.

      So my questions are:

      1) Why does the video quality look so bad inside of the QT player (and OK inside PP)?

      2) Why is there a black border around the .mov file when I play it inside of PP?

      How do I fix these issues?