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    Clipped highlights over 100%

    Jorgen Bjerke Level 1
      My HDV camera (Canon XH-A1) gives me details above 100% white (up to 110%), but PPro clip them to 100% when I apply a filter. Is there anything I can do to preserve my highlights?

      I have tried both standard m2t-files (captured with HDV Split) edited in Adobe HDV editing mode and Cineform Aspect HD edited in Cineform editing mode (both: 1080i50)

      A thing I don't understand: According to the vectorscope in On Location, my HDV-camera is using ITU-BT.709 and not BT.601. And according to what I have read, 709 has its maximum white at 255. Since 601 has 100% white at 235, it can have "over"-white from 236-255 (100%-110%). Since 709 has 100% white at 255, I understand that 709 can't have "over"-white. So why do I have details above 100% in PPRo with my camera then?
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          I had the same problem. Solution is simple when you know. If you apply the Procamp (Process Amplifier) to the clip, you then adjust the contrast below 100% to say 92% and then it will recover your highlights. I have found some cameras are worse than others, my Panasonic was terrible with super whites above 100% and I need to apply this processing all the time, whereas my new Sony is a lot better.
          Hope this helps