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    Hello  Harm Millaard

    Mortimer IOU Level 2
      Harm, this thread can be seen only by you, me and KL.

      I don't know if you still want to chat out of the public eye, but if so this is a good place to do it. You could also send me an email at klajer@yahoo.com
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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I have tried to access my mail at Harm_Millaard@adobeforums.com, but have been unsuccessful in creating an Outlook account for that address, since we use Exchange Server and there can only be one Exchange account.

          First of all, what would be the easiest way to access my mail account at adobeforums.com?

          Secondly, and most importantly, I want to apologize for my behavior last night. I got carried away by the multitude of identical, and IMO rather stupid remarks by this JimLoshe or whatever his name was, further aggravated by his remark that my name should be where Banders100 was.

          For a veteran in technical support he showed a remarkable lack of understanding. That rubbed me the wrong way.

          I think you were right to stop the discussion before it got out of hand completely. However, you removed a number of my posts that IMHO were not personal, but technical, as was admitted by this Jim that helped solve his problem, albeit that admittance was made in another thread.

          Also I posted a very sincere question to this Jim which was OT, as I stated in the first line about VMWare and ESX, but was posted for two reasons, one to get on a better footing with him in recognizance of his acclaimed long term IT professionalism and to which he could have shown that, not to put him down, and secondly because I really want to know the answer to this question, which I admit may be better posted in the VM forums.

          Lastly, I thank you and Leonard for your moderation. You both do a terrific job and I just have to keep my big mouth shut until I know what I'm talking about.

          PS. In a lot of forums there is the possibility to send a PM (Private Message) to a poster. It may be worthwhile to introduce that here as well, since had that capability been available, I would have PM'ed this Jim last night about his remarks and we might have avoided this whole situation out of the public eye. I tried on his Train Arts site to find his e-mail address, but no luck.

          I hope I made some sense and that you can understand my reactions last night. Sorry for the trouble I caused.
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            Mortimer IOU Level 2
            Hi Harm --

            I sent an email to you at millaard@millcon.nl. That is the only address shown for you on the forums. As far as mail sent to adobeforums.com, I am not a nntp user, but I asked the question of the Adobe forum supervisor and will let you know what he says.

            Regarding your behavior, I was not pointing my comments only at you, but also at Jim. I do not normally like to single out people by name in public, believing that we each pretty well know when we've overstepped the line. I did try to separate the technical posts from the flaming posts, but did not edit posts that contained both.

            You are a regular contributor who has the ability and desire to be helpful, usually. But, to be fair, you also do contribute to the OT and inflaming from time to time. You can help set the tone of the forum, being here almost every day. Should we expect more from you, as a regular, than from others who drop in and out? You tell me.

            The new forum structure will come back sooner or later. It will, I believe, have a feature to alert the moderators privately. I do not think there will be a way for one poster to talk privately to another poster short of sending emails, which can be done now. Any new features to the current forum structure are quite unlikely.
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              Mortimer IOU Level 2
              Just to follow up --

              Email sent to user@adobeforums.com is not accessible by anyone. That address is shown for some users who do not mark their true address to be made public. It is a privacy device, but only an email dead end.
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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                Thanks Jerry.

                Btw, I never received your e-mail, but that may have been caused by the fact that our mail server has grey-listing on by default or by using GFI spam filtering. I'll check the logs to make sure. Did you send it from klajer@yahoo.com ? I had previous experiences with yahoo accounts that had difficulty in getting through because of being blacklisted.