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    Adobe Media Encoder stopped working!

      Last week was using Adobe Media Encoder quite happily. This week it won't load - it gives the error "The default writer could not be loaded. An alternate writer would now be loaded". When clicking on "OK" (and waiting for 5 mins) it comes up with "Could not load any writer. Adobe Media Encoder will now exit." Then on hitting OK to this message I get an "Unkown error" message and are returned to Premiere. After reboots, cold starts, getting up to date with all updates, stopping anti-virus, uninstalling and reinstalling the whole of CS3 etc the problem still persists.

      Also, it seems like exporting to Adobe Encore has also stopped working. So effectively Premiere Pro is useless.

      Anyone experiencing anything like this?

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS3 as part of Production Premium CS3 suite on a quad processor HP box with 3Gb ram under Windows XP Pro. Note that a Matrox Axio LE card/breakout box is installed although the Matrox Axio Utils has been uninstalled (because it causes too many problems). The media encoder has worked fine since the matrox s/w was uninstalled. No other changes have taken place as far as I'm aware.