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    Purple Lines in Timeline?

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      Silly question as CS3 is still pretty new to us here but...

      What do the purple lines mean on the timeline? There seems to be quite a bit going on here but also has no bearing whatsoever to the project itself?
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          Do you mean purple lines on the bottoms of the boxes representing individual clips? If so, that means that there is an effect added to the clip, or (I think) that the fixed effects (Motion, Opacity, etc.) have been modified from their default values.
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            I was actually referring to the purple lines outside of the individual clips. These are lines "in no-man's land" off the right of the timeline but still inside of the actual timeline. As I scroll across the timeline with my line/marker the lines will appear.
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              Colin Brougham Level 6
              Hmm. Try pressing "G" on your keyboard with your Timeline window active (ie. yellow frame around it).

              Otherwise, would it be possible to post a screen shot? Maybe it's a video card driver issue...
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                I will try that. If not I will post a screenshot tomorrow when I am at school.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  A shot in the dark here:

                  What is the magnification of your Timeline? Could these be very short Clips, Titles, or Black Video? You might try stepping through your Clips with PgUp/PgDn and see if the CTI goes to these lines, past where you think your Timeline should end. If so, magnify your Timeline and see what they are. I've had detritus that gets orphaned, when I tighten up my Video. Usually Black Video, or a Title, that was added, and as I shorten many Clips, just gets left out there. You can also look at the CTI at the "end" of your Timeline and see if it matches the Duration of the Sequence. If your Duration is longer, then something is out there.