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    Clip Management - Difficult To Manage Multiple Clips of Multiple "Takes"

      I just switched from iMovie and am editing multiple "takes" from a shoot I did for a commercial. I am finding it very difficult to keep track of which shots I like best. I am using detailed naming, but that is not the issue. When I drop a clip from the Project section into the Timeline I am finding it very tedious to determine which clips in the Project section have already been dropped into the Timeline. Did I use it already; didn't I? Other than Labels, or the checkbox for the Good collumn, is there a less tedious way for me to clearly see what is already used from the Project section? Is there a way to have them disappear from the Project section once I drop them into the Timeline? I guess I could drag everything into the Timeline and then just do all the edits by deleting what I don't want, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the Source section.