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    Interesting Way For Those With HD Cams Who Still Like The Speedy SD Workflow

      Ok...Yes, editing in HD takes a lot more processing power and timeline dragging, clipping, etc is usually slower then with SD, which makes sense considering the much larger resolution, BUT what if you never had to worry about HD slowing down your production workflow? Well, I have found a way.

      Capture and editing everything in SD. What?! Yes, go ahead and film in HD, but when you capture, capture to SD. Most cameras have SD downconvert when capturing through firewire...I think Canon camera menus call it 'DV-Locked', but you can still hang on to your HD tape and capture in HD later if you wish. NOTE: Make sure when you capture your project, you capture the full tape from start to finish (this is important for later)

      Ok, now go ahead and edit everything in SD how you would normally do a SD project. Now, here's the fun part...When you are completely done with everything in Premiere Pro (so before you export), make a new Project, and just capture the tapes in HD now (same way as before, from start to finish so the timecodes will be identical). Now, open the original SD project, and in your main timeline/sequence select all, and copy, and close the project. Now, go to where your SD video files are, and move them into a different folder. Now, open your HD project, and go to a blank timeline/sequence and click paste. Now, it will ask you where the SD avi files are...Well, just point them to the corresponding new HD captures.

      Sure, you will have to go in and change a few things, like titles you made, positioning and size, but that shouldn't take too long.

      It work MUCH faster than using the smaller subclips option that you can create when editing in a regular HD project. I have done this with two weddings so far (very complex, lots of 3rd party plugins used, as well as titles, stock video overlays, etc...) and also on a corporate video project.

      ::: Connor