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    Error Compiling Movie

      I suspect this is an occuring topic thats been mentioned before but I couldn't find a valid reason, every so often I have to wait a short while to render my footage as a little pop up says 'Error Compiling Movie' I previously saved my work that was all rendered and when I went to re-open it all the footage I had in the timeline was red, which I therefore had to re-render it all, quite a pain as a lot of the transitions had jumped around and stopped working-- Quite a few disruptions have been coming up recently in Adobe PPro CS3 which is either me not knowing how to work the program fully or just that the program doesn't work well enough on my PC, I was thinking this since I only have one processor and 1 GB of ram, I have enough hard-drive space but not a significant combination of all the requirements to run Adobe like it should, anyways, sorry for moaning--
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          How much free space do you have on your HDD?
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            It varies as I start to edit my sequence, as Adobe takes up a lot of my hard-drive I have to free additional space quite a lot, right now I've got around 2.00 GB's which I know is quite low, I do however have another hard-drive with 228 GB's of free space but I can't switch hard-drives so I'm considering re- installing Windows to have my main hard-drive the 228 GB one! Seems to make sense but I may take awhile to do.
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              You may be better off just adding the 228 rather than making a switch.
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                alright well i get the same error message during my export. The rendering will make it to 90% then close and say "Error Compiling Movie". I have 300 Gb free space left on my hardrive i am trying to export it to. I tried my two externals as well both with over 100gb left. the video is only 30 mins long and should only use 2 Gb the most with adobie PPro. can anyone give me a better explenation as to why my computer is doing this. I have gone through my HDrives and cleaned up as much space as i can and have reinstalled the program itself but comes up with the same error. I have the program on another computer situated behind me on the network and it does not have the problem and yet has less space available. Please help!!!!
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                  Some troubleshooting tips.


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                    Error compiling movie usually means that you've run out of disk space. I suspect that this exactly the problem that WishinG is having.

                    Brian, since you've obviously got more than enough disk space, can you tell more about what you're trying to do? Are you exporting as AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG-2, or something else? What frame size, frame rate, and codec are you using and exporting to?
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                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                      That error can also be caused by corrupt media, a bad transition or effect in the sequence, a bad or missing plug-in, etc. The problem with this error is that so many things can cause it and it doesn't tell us anything useful about what caused the error.

                      It's kind of like the Microsoft report "The error was caused by a device driver". That's all well and good, but which device, and which driver? Without knowing that, the error message is of little use.
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                        i am exporting the video as a AVI and the image size is
                        720x 480
                        pixel depth: 32
                        Frame Rate:29.97
                        Pixel Aspect Ratio: 0.9

                        all clips in the sequence are avi's
                        no photos only 12 titles with a logo here or there where the photo is a jpg or bmp. the files are all good there is no corrupt file. as of today were having more problems with the program as the save file option has a tendency to close the entire program without warning. then the file is lost. also i have uninstalled and reinstalled the program maybe crossing my fingers that might actually work but it still has the issues. please help! ive talked to an adobe technician and he even ran my computer from his office using adobe desktop and ran the program himself but was not able to get it working. please dont say i need to buy the program over again as i do not have the money to buy the whole Adobe Video Bundle again.
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          Why export with alpha channel? why not as regular 24 bits?