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    Presenter Menu Not Launching App

      Hello all,

      I just got a new machine (my old one died) and when I re-installed Presenter 7, I found a wierd issue. I can click on the Presenter Menu in PowerPoint and view all the Menu Items, but clicking on a Menu Item does absolutely nothing. I just go back to my PowerPoint slide. Nothing freezes or locks up, there's no increase in CPU or RAM usage, and I can go back and view all the Menu Items again.

      Here's what I've done so far:
      Repaired the install from Add/Remove Programs
      Removed and re-installed from Add/Remove Programs
      Applied the 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 patches
      Detect/Repair within PowerPoint

      I can't seem to get this working at all. Any ideas?

      Just FYI, I'm using Office 2003 with Windows XP Pro.

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          Pete Vojtik
          We too are having the same problem. I just purchased several copies of Presenter for our Instructional Designers. Our IS department did the install, Adobe Presenter appears in the menu bar, but non of the drop down menu items work - not even HELP. Our IS department is looking into the issue, but even after a re-install, the issue hasn't been fixed.

          We are running PPT 2003 and XP SP2.

          Any thoughts are appreciated.
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            ridius Level 1
            WOO HOO! I fixed it!

            So, my problem was another PowerPoint plugin that had failed to uninstall and was presenting Presenter from running. I had installed a trial of Camtasia Studio 6. I re-installed the Camtasia Trial, repaired the install, then uninstalled it. After doing that, Presenter started working.

            Good luck!