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    Need help with cropping

    juskocf Level 1
      I have taken a clip with resolution 1920x1080. I want to downsize the video to 360x202 (16:9). But I also want to crop and export only the upper right corner of the original clip as the resulting video. I have tried setting the view zoom level of the program monitor to 100% and locate the upper right part of the original video. That part was clear and sharp when previewed.
      I have tried using the scale and position of the motion effect, the camera view effect and the crop effect. But all gave a blocky or pixelated video even the resolution of the resulting video was only 360x202, not as crisp and sharp as that viewed in the program monitor.

      What effects or tools should be used to make a cropped clear and sharp low resolution video from a HD video please ?

      Sorry for my poor English.