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    Import Problem.

      I've recorded about 40seconds of random things stuff from my desktop as a test clip I could use to try and get compression and everything right.

      I used Camtasia and the Techsmith codec which is suggested. It's supposed to be a lossess codec. I recorded at 30fps.

      Now this recording looks fine when I play it, it does appear lossess with no problems what so ever. It's 40mb/50sec but I'm not at the compression stage so no big deal.

      Okay so finally to the problem. Whenever I import this clip into Premiere to try and start editting it always seems to have this same glitch happening. What happens is while playing it seems to jump a few frames ahead every so often before it's actually supposed to and then will teleport back. This is before exporting or anything. Just going from import to viewing the imported clip in Premiere.

      So you will get a flash of notepad being opened or something but then it will go back to how the movie was atually playing out and a few seconds later you will see how notepad is being opened.

      I've tried using several custom projects and setting them with various settings to fix the problem with no such luck. The movie size should be 765x500.

      Just guess I would think it's a codec problem or maybe keyframe? I have no idea. Like I said the TechSmith compressed video looks great. Thanks for any help.