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    Export to quicktime problem.

      I have the problem of outputing the video in quicktime format with H.264... even I set the project to be 30fps, the output is always treated as drop-frame which I could not find anyway that I have the choice to set it to non-drop frame.... can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          "Drop frame" is simply a labelling technique, no frames are actually dropped. Please explain in more detail what problem you are seeing.


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            Level 1
            You are right, I have confirmed that no frames have actually been dropped in the file.
            My file is a 12 minutes, 30fps quicktime file with H.264 codec. The file has 21600 frames and I can confirm that by opening it using After Effects.
            But when the file was imported into Avid or Final Cut Pro, it was treated as a drop frame video and the frame number became something like 21597... these 3 frames somehow will affect the voice sync (the tech guy told me... I don't know why)...
            There is no problem in Premiere Pro CS3...