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    Border Overlaying Footage

      I thought a nice, special or even solid border may make the whole video footage more effective to watch after exporting + playback, I've been trying out different ways of creating just a basic black or white thick border but there doesn't appear to be any add-on effects that create this feature- so...

      - I then thought I could perhaps make one on Adobe Photoshop thats to the same Resolution and has a transparent letterbox to where the footage would go but It didn't turn out successful as it firstly didn't fit the video footage and I couldn't get rid of the access white inside to where the footage should be watched! So...I'm not quite sure how to approach this certain feature, can it be done at all? Is there a certain restriction with mixing video and imagery? If I did have a basic white border I'd import it into the video 3 or 4 (creating a fourth video track) which would remain over the top of all the footage through-out the whole sequence. Is this doable? A basic step guide or brief explanation would be very useful and appreciated! Thanks
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          Sure - try the titler. It'll let you create what you're looking for, then overlay the title over your entire timeline as you described.
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            >A basic step guide or brief explanation would be very useful

            Wil's suggestion is the simplest.

            You will also find links to many free tutorials in the Premiere Pro Wiki that will quickly show you how things are done in PPro.


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              Also, for a solid, black border the Crop (Effects) will work nicely. I have a ton of VHS footage, where the camera's tracking was a little off and shows on the lower portion of the screen (seen on some TVs, but not others, depending on their overscan). I just Crop (3% on all sides works for this application) and have a nice, solid, black border.

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                Ahright - thanks for the tips guys ;)-- I've worked out how to get a nice, thick white border overlaying my footage by simply using the title method, just one thing, is there a way I can zoom into the footage without it coming out of the border rim, I've set my new video at a widescreen rate which is rather un-appropriate as the screen is so big, when I import it into a video hosting network the actual screen is rather small and theres a very thick black border surrounding the white one-- I know the screen size should be ideally 320x240 for uploading, my question is whats the best custom format option (in creating a new project) should I make my videos in for uploading? Thanks again
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                  As for the Zoom on the Video footage, all you have to do is select the Video Track (say Video 1, if that is where it is, with the "Title" on Video 2), go to Effects>Motion>Scale and Zoom all you want. Make sure that you ARE on Video 1 and that your Clip is selected.

                  As for the Project Presets, some suggest using the size/rez/aspect ratio of the original, then output to whatever you will later use. However, if you know the exact dimensions that you will be need to end up with, others will suggest setting those as the Preset, editing to it, the Exporting those dimensions, etc. Some recent threads on this are in this forum.