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    ExtendScript or other programmatic control?

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      Is there any support for ExtendScript -- or any programmatic control -- in Premiere Pro CS3? The trial appears to have installed Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2, but Premiere Pro CS3 is not available as a target application (just Adobe Bridge).

      My intention was to write a script that would import .jpg files rendered from PowerPoint slides and place them in the sequence according to their timings (stored in a separate file) relative to the video of a speaker making a presentation.

      I would be able to write a script generating program in another language to create a customized program for each project... don't need I/O and parsing in ExtendScript... just the ability to control the document.

      What I have done meanwhile was to manually import all the video and images. Then I figured out where in the .prproj XML document these timings are stored. I have written a script in PHP that reads in the .prproj file, reads in my XML timing sheet, and writes out a revised .prproj file.

      It works, but I was hoping to be able to do things like add transitions effects automatically. Creation of project elements as raw XML isn't something I want to try... at least not by simple "reverse engineering" of the file format.

      The API available as a PDF seems to be written mostly for people wanting to do things like write filters. There was a little info about "ticks" that was useful, but I didn't see anything about manipulating the document.

      Thanks for any thoughts...