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    True cross platform compatiblity

      At work Im using a PC running CS3 PPro and at home Im using a MAC Intel running Mac version CS3 PPro. I have to admit I feel cheated when it comes to what I have lost because I have gone to a MAC. I have paid the same amount of money, but I get less. When I get a chance to work from home and I going over a project created by another editor, I get list of missing items not included with my version of the software. I cant really complete work projects at home. Oh, I can fine tune it, but I have to recheck it on a PC version at work which defeats the purpose of doing work from home. Can these really be called equal cross platform design? If this problem gets fixed will it be a free patch down load or will I have to shell out more money to make my MAC version equal to the PC version. The whole thing about the Mac version was to allow PC users to do the very same thing on a MAC. Im not even going to go in to the Ultra software I did not get. Adobe where is the loyalty to the customers who spent $1 - $2499 on the software you known was inferior to its PC counterpart. I purchased the master collection and Im working my way through the programs I have not yet used and Im wondering what else have I been cheated out of.

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