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    Export to Encore - DV Project - 4:3 Rendering Benchmarks

      I am trying to export a 4:3 DV Project which was originally analog VHS converted to DV-Media to Encore. I am using a Vista Ultimate 32 Computer with a Q6700 Quad Core 2.7Ghz processing and 3.5 GB or RAM, but even though all edited footage was rendered, the process to Export is rendering for a Progressive Scan - High Quality Disc Burn and estimating over 65 hours??? When I first noticed this estimate and that the rendering is was only utilizing about 25% of CPU capacity (8 hours into the burn)I cancelled the job thinking that there must have been some kind of mistake in the settings. I then opened Premiere Pro as the administrator and kicked off the job again. I'm now 6 hours into the same render and it is confirming another 63 hours.

      Does this seem right? This is not HD/HDV footage, it's just DV?
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          I'm half tempted to say ignore the time estimate but I've never seen one that "wrong" before. For me, Premiere typically underestimates the remaining time - and it's way off for dual pass estimates (which is hard to determine anyway). Does the progress bar look to be in line with the estimate though? I find this thing to be accurate (and it should be because it's measuring timeline length I think).

          Regardless, keep in mind this is the same program that sometimes estimates final render sizes 10 times larger than they really will be.
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            Unfortunately it looks like it's going to take that full time. 9 hours or so in and it's still showing another 60 hours to go. I'm not sure if this is a problem with Vista, or a difference between progressive and non-progressive video rendering or not - but when rendering previous videos I always got to 100% CPU( x4 - Quad) utilization (or close to it). I'm only using about 25-30% capacity now which seems really odd.

            I'm not using any other applications on the PC in use for the rendering - I even increased the priority for the job (and I'm running it as the administrator).