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    Premiere and Slide Shows

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      Couple of questions re. creating DVD slide shows with Premiere CS3...

      When working with large digital images (12.8 Mpx Canon 5D e.g.) does it make sense to resample down to a common size-- perhaps just large enough to accommodate what panning/zooming you might anticipate doing? Or, is it better just to suck in the full res versions and let PP do it's thing?

      Also, other than the obvious advantages of assembling the DVD in Encore, would Encore improve the overall quality of the final DVD as well?

      Finally, I've read here and elsewhere that PP might be the best tool for slide shows in general. A friend is using ProShow Producer from Photodex which seems to work quite well. But for numerous reasons I'm sticking with Premire, but wondering if there any particular settings or workflow procedures with respect to creating slide shows in Premiere that might help improve the overall quality of the final DVD?