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    Moving video under the mask

      How can I slide the video/image underneath the mask? I've tried ctrl/alt/shift and all it ever does is move the entire mask via the "motion" effect. What I want to do is keep the mask window in place but position the video that is displayed by the mask.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Select your track 1 and use motion. Leave track 2 with your matte alone or even locked if needed.
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            You will also find links to many free tutorials in the Premiere Pro Wiki that will quickly show you how things are done in PPro.


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              > Select your track 1 and use motion. Leave track 2 with your matte alone or even locked if needed.

              I don't want to move track 1. I want to move the track with the matte in it. I probably didn't explain it clearly. Here's a link to the format I'm using.


              So, in other words, I have a track with a matte in it and in *THAT* track, I want to move the video under the matte. If you look at my youtube clip, I have a matte at the bottom right that surrounds my right hand and I have the matte preset saved but sometimes I need to make adjustments to the video that is being masked. The only way I can figure out to do this is to adjust the matte handles by hand. Instead, I want the matte to stay in one place and the video to slide underneath the matte. Make sense?

              Or, an alternative would be to be able to drag the matte(mask) to a different position in the video and then I can "motion" drag the entire video to where I want the (un)masked image to appear.
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                Jack, you explained it fine. Harm is correct. You don't want to touch the track that contains the matte, since it's likely just a rectangular cutout for your bottom right corner, & should stay static. You want to select the clip containing the video to nudge it with the motion filter.

                Here's a link with a embedded QuickTime tutorial clip for track mattes:


                If I were to use the first example from this tutorial, where the footage is on V1, & the vignette is on V2, I'd be highlighting the V1 clip, go to the Effects Control Panel & tweak the motion settings. (Or alternatively, after selecting the V1 clip, you can also tweak the handles directly in the program monitor.)

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                  Thanks for the link.

                  That only solves part of my issue. Using the track matte, I can move the matte around on the screen and I can resize the transparent area but when I try to slide the video underneath the matte it slides the matte instead. I guess it's just a usability issue since I could go back to edit the title and move the rectangle in the title but it seems non intuitive compared to manipulating layers in photoshop where I can just select a layer and move the image while keeping the matte (mask) in the same position...Or am I missing something?

                  Thanks again,

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                    Without seeing first-hand what you're doing, my guess is that if you're trying to click & manipulate the video layer in the program monitor, it's probably selecting the topmost layer, which is your matte.

                    Try to specifically select the video clip in your timeline, then go to the Effects control panel & manually dial in some changes to the Motion filter, see if it moves the video properly.