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    Troubleshooting crashes & reboots

    Harm Millaard Level 7
      A lot of people here often express that their system crashed, rebooted or other BSOD errors appeared with no specific reason. Nor could it be replicated in a consistent way. For those who have experienced these kind of occurrences, here is a little trouble shooting guide:

      1. Check the temperature of CPU, hard disks and GPU. The most common problem is that cooling is problematic. Use something like Speedfan to check whether you do not have cooling problems.

      2. Check your power supply. It may be underpowered and cause numerous instability problems. You can use Speedfan to check the voltage on the various rails, but you can also use this calculator to check whether your power supply is up to it's task.

      3. Check your video card, often the hottest component in your system. You can use http://www.cpuid.com/download/HWMonitor.zip to check your GPU temperature.

      Hope this helps in troubleshooting any instability problems.

      If you still have problems, please help us to help you by submitting relevant details about your system, hardware and software, drivers, disk configuration, source material, codecs used, project settings, work flow, trouble shooting steps you have taken, how this can be replicated, etc.

      It avoids a guessing game and can lead to faster results in solving your problem.