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    "Error compiling movie"!?! error message


      I've finished editing my film, all the effects are in, the final cut is just about there and when I try to render it gets half way through then stops and brings up this message:

      "Error compiling movie" with nothing else.

      I edited each scene in its own sequence. Then used one separate sequence to put all those scene sequences together as one whole movie. So basically I have a sequence that has lots of little sequences in.

      I tried to export this big sequence (the whole film) and that message just keeps coming. I tried cutting it down and doing like the first half of the work area then the second. The first half worked okay but the second half still brought up that message.

      Aspect ratio: 720x576
      Format: Microsoft DV Avi
      Compression: DV Pal
      Frame rate: 25fps
      Length of video: 25minutes
      and it's in Pal wide screen.

      Finally, free space on the hard drive I'm burning to is 63.7GB so that should be plenty of space, right?

      I can't think of any other information to put here but if you need any just ask and I'll put it up. It's really stumped me this and with my premiere coming up in 20 days it's not really helpful at all.

      Any help at all would be much appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Ben Derrick.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Often these errors are caused by some black space between clips or troublesome effects on a single clip.

          Your first step was quite good to locate the problem. Now repeat that for the last 25 minutes. Split it again into two parts, each 12.5 minutes, find the part that exports OK and focus on the troublesome part. Divide it into two equal parts, etc. until you find the culprit.

          An alternative might be to set the CTI to the beginning of your time line and hit page down to go to the next edit point, until you find the troublesome spot. It may mean hundreds of page down's but it is a relatively sure way of finding the culprit.
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            Ulf Laursen Level 1
            I had an "unknown error" when exporting a plain DV 3 min. AVI PAL through media encoder to WMV 512Kb. I just restarted the export and all was ok. Don't know why it stumbled there though.

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              Level 1
              I tried that. But eventually resorted to splitting it up into three parts and rendering it as "part1", "part2" and "part3" and it worked okay.

              I have no idea why it said that, but I was on the verge of throwing that machine out of the window, if it didn't have my 6 months of hard work on it I would've done! haha.

              Thanks so much for your suggestions and help though, very much appreciated.