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    time remapping / slow motion extremely jumpy with nested sequence!

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      I have just finished the rough-cut of a ceremony when I went back to add effects-- slow motion, color correct, etc. only to find that ANY time-change is jittery-- extremely jittery, like it's skipping frames.

      For trial purposes I created a new timeline with only one video clip placed multiple times. I reduced one to 50% with frame-blending, the other 50% with NO frame-blending and the final using time re-mapping with frame-blending. At 50% I don't expect fluid movement, but they are all acceptable... Until I put a different timeline in the timeline (I think it's a "nested sequence").

      When speed is slowed on ANY nested sequence it is jittery. Whether it is a single nested sequence or a multi-camera sequence, it jumps.

      Has anyone else had this problem?! Is this a bug? I never noticed it until this wedding. I am using CS3 and I cannot afford the time to re-edit this ceremony with 2.0.... Unless I have no choice.