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    Flex SDK 4 (Gumbo)

      Hi guys,

      Does anyone have an ETA for a stable build of the Flex 4 SDK? It is becoming a little frustrating having classes such as BitmapData missing from code hinting, and Flex Builder tends to remove those classes from the import list when it cleans them up.
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          riesvantwisk Level 1
          Some where second half of 2009..

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            _SR_ Level 1
            Ouch! Why such a long delay between the CS4 releases and the Flex 4 release? The new classes such as Vector seem to have been added to the Flex 4 SDK but it is still very patchy.

            I don't care much for the mx.* classes, so is there another way I can hook the Flash CS4 SWC files up to Flex Builder? I have tried adding the FP10 playerglobal.swc and AIR 1.1 airglobal.swc (from the Flash CS4 directory) to the project libraries list, but Flex Builder throws up errors when trying to access things like the stage.nativeWindow property regardless of which order the SWC files are ordered.