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    NTSC to PAL / 24fps

      Hi guys,

      I'm shooting a tv show for MTV tr in New York City and since it will air in Europe it has to be set in PAL so I am unsure on how to deal with the settings.

      I have NTSC 24fps footage that needs to be edited. My question is when I start a new project in Premiere CS3 should I choose NTSC or PAL or should I start editing in NTSC and convert it to PAL?

      Second question, when I import the footage in Premiere which, is located in my external hard drive with usb 2.0, the video seems jerky or choppy on the camera movements such as panning and any fast camera moves. Do you know how or where I can adjust this problem? Could it be that my project was shot in 24 fps and the new project file fps is 29.97? I didn't change any fps settings in the new project, so I assumed it's automatically 29.97.

      My computer:
      Windows XP
      2.80GHz Pentium D CPU
      2.00GB RAM

      Third question, should I render my project and burn a DVD or does it render when you burn a DVD automatically?

      Can anyone please help me with this?

      Thank you so much!

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          From what you have described and looking at the specs I feel there is little chance of your program being accepted for television anywhere.
          Need some answers...
          What camera was used to shoot the footage at 24fps? Is it DV or HDV?
          Why did you not choose a project setting of 24fps rather than 29.97?
          Why did you use USB to transfer files rather than Firewire?
          Capturing USB sort of indicates that your camera is DVD or HDD based and using Mpeg files which CS3 doesn't like, nor do TV stations.
          Don't worry too much about burning a DVD until you work out if the footage is editable.
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            Thank you for your reply.

            I used Canon XL2 (DV)
            I can not choose the project setting of 24fps. When I open a new project it comes with 29.97fps.
            I did use Firewire to transfer my fooatge. I was trying to say I have all my footages on an external hard drive that's where I call all into Premiere to do editing. I though maybe that's the reason why my footage is jerking because it's using USB 2.0 and that slows down my footage?

            Thank you
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              XL2 is not progressive, so 29,97 FPS is correct. USB2 slows it down and puts a heavier burden on the CPU.

              I agree with John that chances are very slim your material will be accepted for broadcast with the kind of camera you use and the conversions required.
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                Firat, tell me what camera the footage was shot on? You say it's 24fps?
                To edit successfully in CS3 your project needs to be 24fps.
                Like Harm says, your external hard drive appears to be the problem with the choppiness. The easiest way to test this is to put a couple of those files onto an internal drive and edit from there.
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                  My footage was shot in 24.

                  When I opened a new project with 24fps project setting my footage looks interlaced however, if I open it with 29.97fps project setting then it looks fine since I put the footage in my internal hard drive now.

                  So is it ok to edit my 24fps footage in 29.97fps project setting and convert it to PAL? or any other suggestions?

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9
                    Chances are your 24 fps footage was telecined in camera to the standard NTSC signal before going to tape, so working in a Standard DV preset is entirely appropriate.

                    I understand both ProCoder and DVFilm Atlantis will convert the output to PAL for you.
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                      Or Jim it was probably down converted on capture. Yes Firat, it should work fine but be aware that most TV stations won't accept NTSC to PAL conversions unless you do a hardware standards conversion which can be quite expensive.
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                        This is just a pilot. I'm going to buy a PAL camera, soon.

                        So you are saying that editing 24fps footage in 29.97 setting and converting that to PAL which is 25fps will be ok?

                        Don't you think it will loose quality from 24fps to 29.97 and then 25fps?

                        That's where I'm really confused.

                        Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate all your answers!!
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                          Yes Firat, you will lose quality at every conversion but unless you shoot it in PAL, edit in PAL and make a PAL DVD you cannot avoid that loss.
                          This process is called pre-production where you decide what you are going to do and with what, long before you pick up a camera and shoot. If you don't plan all this first the chances of any television station accepting your work are zilch. The market is far too competitive to just wing it and hope.
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                            I understand. Thank you!

                            Take a look at my show intro:
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                              Jim_Simon Level 9
                              From a creative standpoint, it looks a lot like what I might see on MTV (or at least VH1). Get the technical aspects squared away, and give it a go.