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      While running premiere pro cs3 I keep getting this error message:

      "Desktop display mode has been reset because the video card returned an error. Please reset the desktop display mode in the playback settings dialog as this may impact your playback performance."


      My video card is an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450 SDI

      This card is incredible and should have no problem running Premiere Pro.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Are you running Vista?
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            Are you using a wireless mouse? If so disable the ipoint service running in the background. Took care of that same problem for me.
            I too thought it was a video card/driver problem for a long time, but its not.
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              I get that message on occassion. I have a Quadro 1500, and if I have PPro, AE, and Bridge (or Soundbooth) open (and I'm using Dynamic Link) it seems to occur sometimes. Usually, shutting down PPro and restarting will clear it. But I've no idea what causes it. Sometimes I can be working with all those programs open, and all's fine. Other times...error.
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                It seems that this did the trick. Eric, try this:

                Go to edit - project settings - playback settings - then the desktop display mode - change it, i did and it fixed the problem.
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                  Hi, I'm having the same error in Premiere Pro 2.0. However it won't let me change the Desktop Display Mode to 'Accelerated GPU effects' - I have a 512MB AGP graphics card just installed. Do I have to restart my computer for Desktop Display Mode to change? Everytime I change it and go back to that dialogue, it's back where it started. I'm running Win XP Pro SP3, MSI Intel 3.0ghz w/ hyperthreading, 2 GB DDR RAM; assets are on external USB 2.0 Western Digital drive; monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 225BW; graphics card is ATI Radeon X1650 AGP 512MB manufactured by Tul Corporation.

                  Also; on my DVD menu (built in feature with PP2), the text on the main menu keeps resizing (even when I save the entire project before closing) when I open the project up again?

                  Thanks for your help