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    Exporting slide shows

      Is it possible to export different versions of the same slide show for 4:3 tv, 16:9 widescreen as well as ipod? If I plan to do this with the media encoder, what should the settings for my project be at startup?

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          I would start with the widescreen project, edit it and export as required. Then export a DV AVI file and import that into a 4:3 project. Adjust the center cut as needed, if needed, and export from there as required. You will export to iPod from the 4:3 project.
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            Thanks Steve
            Would I then have 2 seperate Premeire projects and send them indivdually for export rather than trying to export a single project to the media encoder for the different formats I want to output?
            Would I need to rescale the pictures in the 4:3 project?
            I try to avoid color bars whenever possible.
            Most of my pics are imported from photoshop at 1440x1068 (1.0) I then apply motion, etc or scale them down to fit easily without the color bars if there is no animation.
            Would there be a benefit to changing the aspect ratio to .9 or 1.2 in photoshop before importing? Photoshop has a set of video actions but I haven't figured out the best use for them
            Thanks again
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              You would not need to rescale the 16:9 clips in the 4:3 project as long as you don't want to letterbox. Meaning, the edges hang over and get cut off instead of getting everything to9 fit using "color bars". That's what I generally do, and when the most important part of the 16:9 frame is not centered, I use the position parameter of the Motion effect to slide the frame around.

              You want to use 1.2 in Photoshop to do the original editing in 16:9.
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                Thanks again, That's a big help.
                I will switch them to a 1.2 aspect in photoshop. I probably should have been switching to .9 all along but had been imprting at 1.0
                What image size do you use?
                I had been using 1440x1068 for 4:3 projects as they allowed me room for animations or easily scaled to a perfect fit if there was no animation.
                Thanks again for your time. I have been playing with slideshows for a while and still seem to have trouble figuring out the aspect ratio and file size/dimensions for projects.
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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                  Size of image depends on need to zoom. So, I generally use a few different sizes. It is difficult to say what works best. It is different for each image.