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    Edit in Soundbooth?

    mickkeay Level 1
      I rather liked Soundbooth's clean and easy interface. Then I spent 20 mins trying to work out how you open a second track to mix - and you can't!! Glad I didn't dump Audition with PP2
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          Level 1
          Welcome to the club!

          Even though they would have us eat cake..., Let us hope the benevolent king of Adobe graciously restores for us the "edit in Audition" option that was present in CS2 in some future CSx.

          The previous message was not intended anger the Adobe aristocracy, us humble peasants all realize that the Adobe kingdom knows whats best for us.
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            ytlevine Level 1
            Did anyone request it to them? Soundbooth is very bad, and can't do anything compared to Audition.
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              mickkeay Level 1
              Just had a look on the soundbooth forum and yep it hasn't been received too well. But for me the move to soundbooth was kind of a step in the right direction (I never used 90% of audition capabilities) and there are some real nice and easy touches in soundbooth - but no multiple tracks? that is so basic. Now I could even grudgingly live with that but to also remove the option to 'edit in audition' - makes one wonder where on earth Adobe are pitching.
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                shooternz Level 6
                CoolEdit Pro became very "uncool" once Adobe got their hands on it.

                Why dumb something down like that ?