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    Chapter Markers and relationship to buttons in Encore

      OK...this has to be a basic question BUT: When I go from Premiere CS 3 and send my time line that has chapter markers (and each of these chapter markers has descriptive text)...when I send hit Export to Encore, how do I get a menu that would have a separate "Chapter" menu with these exact Chapter Markers automatically set to a button: If I have 16 chapter markers, how do I automatically get 16 buttons on the "Select Chapter" or Select Scene menu. It seems I have to take a template from Encore add additional buttons to equal 16 buttons that I would need then edit it in PhotoShop and correct the text from the button template...and so much WORK!!!!!

      Wont Encore read the chapter markers and their text from the time line and automatically create the buttons on a separate menu page called "Scene Select" or something like that?

      Please SAVE my life with any support or help. I cannot seem to find the Adobe video that would help me with this